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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

House Day 64 - Finish Siding - Started Inside Woodwork - Insulate Soffits - Pick Paint Colors - Wash Windows

Finishing the siding. All that is left outside now is - paint - porch floor tiles - and soffits.
The SucraCell applier is getting suited up to insulate the soffits. They returned to do the soffits as promised. All Weather Insulation did the job.
Gary and Lulu work well together. She says what she wants - he tells her how good it is - she gives him the paint color list - he immediately calls his painter. Today Kevin the cabinet builder brought samples of the cherry wood with 5 different stains on it. I will be visiting his shop to see the cabinets in construction. 

Gary Wayne used the cherry picker to finish the siding and trim the top windows. I used the cherry picker to clean the top panes of the top windows. 
Here you see the cherry picker and the insulated soffits. The actual soffits will be installed after the house is painted. The unvented soffits are pre-colored and we do not want paint to get on them.
Josh was busy installing the prefinished wood trim around the 28 windows. Gary did all the cutting - Josh leveled the trim and nailed it up. Notice the pine bead board porch ceiling. They will be given one more clear varnish coat. Tomorrow the plantation shutter installer will measure and survey the job - offering us options. 
The pre-primed baseboard and window trim was delivered. It is pine with a white primer. 
Here you can see the rear of the house with a sample of the house color between the two left windows. It is a dark khaki. The columns - the window and door trim will be white.
Today I finished washing the windows. It took me two days because there was paint - stickers - and plaster on the glass. Every window inside and out was cleaned using a razor blade. Then they were washed and squeegeed. You can see our Pennsylvania Keystones over each window. 

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