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Monday, November 25, 2013

Grandson Visits and Turns Into a Big FSU Football Fan

Lulu - grandson - son watch their first Seminoles game together.

It all started when this little Seminole left kindergarten Friday afternoon. He was never to a college football game. As they boarded the plane at Richmond - he was super excited.

At about 5 PM - his plane touched down in Tallahassee. We picked them up in the camper with a new car seat just for the occasion. The first stop was going to be a volleyball game - the Lady Seminoles easily beat Wake Forest while we cheered. On the way home we stopped by the new building site - and we toured the construction. He knew all the rooms and features from following the job on the Internet. His voice inflections even mimicked my tour voice tone as he went from room to room. 

Painting Pop and Mum Mum's new house was pretty cool.

After a little supper - we went to bed early - getting ready for the big day that followed. 

Saturday morning started early - before 7. I was awaken by - Come on Pop - let's go down to the pond and feed the ducks. There are two old white swans that have run of the pond for at least 10 years. Every visit since he was born begins with this ritual. We have lots of pictures of this. 

Making pancakes with Mum Mum was next on his list. They used molds to make turkeys - football helmets - and Mickeys. This was followed by a ride on the golf cart to the new house. He even got to drive a little. Mum Mum promised a trip to Toys R Us for some goodies to take home - and then a lunch at BJ's - a new restaurant by our house. 

At 2 PM it was time to load up the motor home with food - chairs - and drinks for the tailgate party. Lulu was invited to sit in the President's Box - that invitation comes with a VIP parking pass right next to the stadium. Our friends George - Joel - Joan - and Curt - wanted to come along and have a tailgate party before the game at the close-in spot. 

The game was to start at 3:30 - so we packed up and headed to our stadium seats. Our friend Jeanie gave us 4 nice tickets - but we needed tickets for George - Joel - Joan - and Curt - so I enjoyed a few minutes of hawking. I got them tickets for $5 and $10. The $10 ones were nice seats in Row 7 - although the stadium only looked half full. Imagine that - the Noles are 11-0 - and they played to a half empty home crowd. 

His eyes with like saucers when Chief Osceola rode out on Renegade with the flaming spear. The fireworks as the team entered were a little scary and smoky. It was fun all cheering together - doing the tomahawk chop and singing the Seminole war chant. He even knew the words :-)

Lulu and Drew could have gone to the President's box for the whole but both of them could not pass up the little ones reaction to his first Seminole football game. At halftime - Lulu and Drew - headed to the land of fancy eating and drinking. Watching a game indoors in Florida makes no sense to me - but it certainly is opulent up there. 

Jack and I had better plans - we walked all the way down to the front row. Surely no one would throw a 5 year old out of premier seating. When we got there - our friend Mary was there - and she was happy to see us. We enjoyed the rest of the game close up - cheerleaders - players - Golden Girls - ESPN staff - etc. FSU scored more points than ever before - 80 - and Idaho only got 14. FSU was picked to win by 56 - and they easily beat that number. In the 4th quarter we headed back to the camper to wait for the rest of the crew. 

By the time the game ended - the crowd and the traffic were nearly gone. We got home in a few minutes - unloaded the camper - and watched the replays. 

Picking fruit in neighbor Bill's yard allowed us to make lemonade for lunch. Lemons - oranges - grapefruit - tangerines - cumquats. The cousins came along to help.

Sunday morning started with breakfast with the ducks again. After that we went to the house site to do a little work. We painted and nailed - putting a sign up in his little secret hiding place. 

On the way to the airport - a stop at the zoo and museum rounded out this whirlwind weekend. They hopped on the plane - as Lulu and I sped off to see a volleyball game with Duke - Drew's alma meter. We could not go straight home. Duke is the leader of the ACC - and our girls put a real pasting on the Lady Devils. We easily won the three games and the match was over quickly. We follow the boys home via text messages. They almost got a bump going out of Tallahassee - but no luck. There was bad weather brewing in Atlanta - but they got thru there and were home in Richmond by 7 PM. 

Robin said as he was brushing his teeth this morning - he was showing her the Tomahawk Chop.

It is so much fun when the family comes - but it is sad when they go. The house seems emptier - when you pick up things - each has a memory attached. We put the 4 bins of toys away - and stashed the camper in the barn. Thinking about the next visit when Christmas brings smiles to our faces - one trip at a time.

The Golden Girls were right in front of us the whole time when we moved to the front row.

An invitation to the President's Box also gave us a great parking spot. 

At halftime - we moved to the front row for more action.

There are other perks of going to a football game. Look at the gaga smile on Mum Mum's face 

Making pancakes in the morning with Mum Mum.

Each morning started with feeding the ducks breakfast.

We picked fresh fruit - and had lemonade for lunch with the cousins.

Nailing up a sign marking your favorite secret hiding place in the new house was fun.

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