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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Driving Miss Lulu to Gainesville Today for the FSU at UF Thing

We will leave Tallahassee at 8 AM - getting into Hogtown around 11. We will drive the Prius with a lunch cooler in the back seat. We will have an hour to find two good tickets for the noon game. Look for us at kickoff - we will be the only fans wearing green.

Gainesville is 144 miles away. You can go there the front way or the back way. The front way is I-10 east and I-75 south. The back way is Florida Route 27 - through cracker country.

I will post messages along the way from my iPhone. If the messages stop coming - call the police.

One little Everhart factoid - one time Lulu was accepted into the doctoral program at UF. We paid one visit - she never attended a class - but we did buy the boys two Gator hats. Does that make her an alumnus?

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