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Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 72 - Gary Wayne Was Busy Building Closet Cabinets

Harry's side of the master closet. 
Monday - The big closets will have plenty of wood shelves - cabinets - and clothes hanger rods. When they are caulked and sanded they will be painted white. Everything is built from scratch.

The weather was cold and windy outside - but it was warm and toasty inside thanks to the SucraCell insulation. Tomorrow has an 80% chance of rain. 

The painters continued working on the exterior and interior trim. 

All of the tile arrived for the porches - the bathrooms - the kitchen - and the laundry. They will start installing that tomorrow. 

Our kitchen and bathroom cabinets are being made at Kevin Rodgers Cabinetry just south of town in Woodville. 
Bedroom 1 - the closets have 10 foot ceilings. Bedroom 2 will have the same. 
Lulu's side of the master closet.
Lulu's closet shelves.

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