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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Day 63 - Siding on the 4th Side

Nichiboard is a fantastic siding product.  Make of concrete - when you cut it with a saw - it gives off a lot of dust. The workers must wear masks when working around the saw. Today the crew did the south and final side of the house. All that is left is a little siding up in the eaves. On Tuesday we will have the cherry picker to complete the eaves and the soffits.

The painters are ready to start on the outside - too bad we have not picked the final shade of paint for the siding. It is going to be a dark khaki - still not selected.

Since the house is moving along fine - and we postponed the move-in day to January for tax purposes - we gave the crew a 4 day weekend. They can use the time to get the concrete dust our of their lungs.

I will use the time to clean up all the concrete dust inside from the plaster.

Yesterday - we picked out the tile for the bathroom walls and floors. We got paint samples for the outside walls. We got a few samples of tile for the porches. The kitchen cabinets are being built.

The granite for the kitchen has not been selected yet. We have the mahogany hardwood for the floors stored in our barn. The bathrooms and laundry will be tile - but all th either floors will be mahogany hardwood.

We have not had much rain in the last month. Without a football game at home for FSU - the next 4 days would be perfect rain days.

Gary said we are 65% done.

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