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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Day 60 - More Siding - Cleanup Inside From Plaster Job

Monday - I have been very busy. While my 4 builder were putting siding on the house - I was inside cleaning up.

Plastering is very messy. We had rolled felt paper out in the attic to protect the plywood floor. We plan to sand it and put a clear coat on as a final finish up there. Still - there was a lot of plaster particle and dust. I started by rolling up the 60 foot long sheets of felt paper. that picked up most of the debris.  then I vacuumed the floor with my Sears shop vacuum. Vacuuming a 20 x 60 floor is quite a task -especially when it was this dirty. After a much needed rest - I wet mopped up the dust. It will probably need one more mop job.

Next I will lightly sand the plywood getting ready for the final clear coat.

Downstairs was even messier because they did not put down felt paper. Gary swept up most of it before I got there. Then I vacuumed two bedrooms - the electrical boxes - and the window sills. What a mess. I ran out of gas there - and decided it could wait another day.

All that time - they were siding the north side of the house.

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