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Friday, November 01, 2013

House Building Day 59 - Plastering and Siding

Plastering the attic is the final touch there. The attic is 20 x 60 x 10 feet. It is completely contained in the roof area. Like our chalet in Tamaqua and our guest house down here - we made full use of the space in the attic. 

Today - a crew of about 12 men from Tony's Drywall and Plaster were very busy plastering the entire house. We used Blueboard for the walls. Think of Blueboard as a water resistant drywall with a rough coating on it. The tough coating allows the veneer plaster  to stick to it. The entire surface of the board is plastered. Every single wall and ceiling gets a hard coat of veneer plaster.

Many of the guys have been working for Tony for over 20 years. Gary hires them all the time because  they do any excellent job - are dependable - and offer a reasonable price.

These guys are working in the kitchen. 

Notice the stilts to work on the 10 foot ceilings.

In the attic - this veneer plaster will be the final coat. There is no need to paint it. The attic has a 20 foot x 60 foot ¾ inch plywood floor. The floor is very nice with no knots. Since we plan to finish the floor with a clear coat - the crew covered the floor with felt paper. After the plywood is coated - the attic will be complete. 

While the crew of 12 plasterers were busy inside - Gary and the crew were working on the siding outside. 

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