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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Coal Cracker Traffic Has Increased Dramatically

This was the first story I wrote on my web page. My kids do not like me writing about them - so I have toned family business down. I publish nothing without approval. 

In 2005 - my son Drew taught me about It is a service that allows you to publish a free web page - and store it on their site. Google now owns the service - but they still allow it for free. I can't imagine anyone having so much space to store all this information from millions of people. 

Beside my teaching job of 33 years and my marriage of 42 years - I can't recall sticking to anything for 8 years - but that is how long I have been "blogging" - I hate that word - blog. 

At one time I was happy when 100 people hit my page - I remember one day when one of my stories "went viral" and I had 1800 hits. The story was about Elian Gonzalez. You can tag stories - insert attractive words - to get a lot of hits. I have never done that and I do not put advertisements on my page. It is just something I do for fun - it is nice when people say they like reading it. 

With the construction of our new home - traffic has picked up. On tuesday I got 800 hits - see the chart above.

See the chart above - today I got 587 hits. For some reason my day begins and ends at 8 PM. Since I wrote this at 8 PM - my day was over and a new one began. they did not offer a counter until many years after I started but I have 279,000 hits since the counter began. Some folks get that many hits in a day. the other day I was looking up values of web pages - and they said my page was worth $1800 if I put ads on it. 
Here is a list of the 5 most popular stories this month. You can see that 3 out of 5 are about the house construction. 

At first Lulu didn't like it - now she tolerates it. It is harmless fun. She always wanted me to find a hobby - I don't fish - bowl - golf - hunt - or gamble. Dick Davis says - it is just The Tamaqua Paper all over again. They are the same stories with different names. 

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