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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Burkett Carver Of The Louver Shop Measured Today For Plantation Shutters

Burkett Carver - The Louver Shop
One of the classic features of a Florida Plantation Home is interior shutters. The shutters allow you to control how much light enters your house - from complete blackout to completely wide open. You can vary light by opening moveable slats. You can also open the top half or bottom half to provide different degrees of privacy. The shutters also prevent sunlight from fading furniture and carpet. 

Today the representative of The Louver Shop - Burkett Carver - visited our site. Although we have 28 three feet by six feet windows - he measured each window individually. Gary and company did a great job of installing the windows because there wasn't more than a 1/8th inch difference among the whole set. 

Because we wanted a plain frame to match our Florida Cracker Motif - and all the frames offered by the Louver Shop had decorative mill work on them - we chose and "inside install." The shutters are installed inside the window opening. Then we can put whatever style trim we want on the frame. We can put any style cornice - pediment - frieze - window sill - scrolling - keystone - we want or none at all. Gary can use stock that we have which matches the baseboards and the interior door trim. 

The Louver Shop had provided shutters for our present home about 8 years ago. They are still in excellent condition and they never warped. 

Burkett lives in Albany GA. The shutters are manufactured in Dahlonega GA in the good old USA. The president of The Louver Shop is Jim Tortorelli. 

In other new on this Day 65 - we completed the outside trim. All that is left to do outside it - paint - porch tile - foundation brick trim - and roof soffits. Josh installed some 8 inch tall baseboard. Nick did some wiring on the main electrical panel. 

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