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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

75% of Siding Done - Day 62

The North Side

The West Side - note the pine bead board porch ceiling. 

The East Side front porch facing the street

Today they completed the west wall siding. We are using Nichiboard - a product which is made of concrete. It is impervious to rot and insects. Water and sunshine do not affect it. The boards are 8 inches wide - with a 1 inch overlap. The boards are 12 feet long and prime red gray. It is applied over a plastic moisture barrier and the nails are driven into the ¾ inch thick plywood walls on 2 x 6 studs on 16 inch centers. The walls and roof are insulated with SucraSeal - an open cell foam product that is applied in a liquid spray from. 

The trim that looks yellow in the pictures is HardiBoard - another concrete product. All of the trim pieces are 5/4th inches thick - yes - they say 5/4th. The little keystones above each window and door are made of hardboard.

All of the trim and columns will be painted white. Right now - we think we are painting the siding dark khaki. 

The porch walking surface will be finished in a tile with a rough surface to prevent slipping. The foundation and steps will be covered with brown brick. 

All doors and windows are 36 inches wide. Thresholds will be flat for handicap access.

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