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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Our Neighbors - The McLemore's Are Devoted Seminole Baseball Fans

Scott - Mary-Sue - Bear

Scott - Mary-Sue and their son Bear at yesterday's Super Regional game. They can always be found in those seats. They are smart - they have seats in the shade and have a Big Ass Fan overhead. No really - that is the name of the fan company. The fans are about 20 feet in diameter.

A couple years ago - they moved 4 doors down the street from us. They home is directly across the street from our brick house.

In the picture - for today's game - Lulu and Danny's seats are at the same level but about 200 feet to the left.

The Noles lost a heart breaker yesterday 10-9. Indiana has a good team and it could be over as early as today. This is the first time a Big 10 team advanced this far in the NCAA baseball tournament. Each team had 10 hits and 3 errors.

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