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Monday, June 24, 2013

Lulu - My Lovely Bride of 42 Years Ago

The sun flowers represent a song we always sing - You Are My Sunshine. This picture was taken this morning.

42 years ago in a lovely little church in Finksburg Maryland - Lulu and I became man and wife. Lulu was 3 years old at the time - she will never admit to being older than 45. This scandal rocked the town. 

Today - she is spending our happy day in a dormitory room in Ernie Davis Hall at Syracuse University on business. I am in Florida prepping our brick home down the street for destruction. 

We will be together in Tamaqua PA this weekend for the wedding shower of Keith's fiancee Liz. The entire family is meeting back home for this event. 

No matter where we roam - Tamaqua will always be home. 

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