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Saturday, June 08, 2013

We Had Great Seats for the Hoosiers and Noles

Mike Martin Field in Dick Howser Stadium. There is something wrong with naming the field after the head coach. How do you flunk a nun?

The Noles lost 10-9. Indiana shot ahead 10-6 - then the Noles scored 3 in the last two innings. The winning run came to the plate - flied out - and it was over.

My friend Danny Callison is here for the games. He is a retired IU professor. He drove from Bloomington yesterday by himself - it took 14 hours. 

I told him I hope for 3 games for him because he drove so far. Now I hope there are 3 games for FSU to come back.

I got great seats for Lulu and Danny - the same section but 10 rows back. They are under the shade and a big fan. They will not roast. If there is a 3rd game - we will all go together. 

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