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Sunday, April 21, 2013

We Just Got A Ride Home In A 1931 Chevrolet

Peter and Harry in front of the 1931 Chevrolet.

Lulu and I just attended the neighborhood picnic. We were about to walk the three blocks home when we saw this beautiful black 1931 Chevy sedan on the street. Usually Lulu is not that bold - but she said to the guy - How about a ride home? He said sure - although I was sure that he didn't know I came along in the deal. 

About 8 years ago we went to the car show and parade in Cairo GA. Lining up for the parade - a guy with a Ford Model A asked us to get in the rubble seat for the main event. We were too bashful - but we wished we were in the parade. George and Joel and family were way down the street. It would have been fun to wave at them from the parade in a rumble seat. 

This time Lulu was faster - and we were cruising down Seminole Drive in a black sedan like Al Capone. The owner - Peter - stopped at the house and looked at Lulu's Dodge 600 Convertible.

My Dad's first car was a 1928 Chevy Sedan just like this one. It had the suicide doors that open the wrong way. This Chevy performed just like the daily driver that it is. Peter lives just a few blocks away and I have seen him cruise by our house many times. 

Inside it was plush velour dark gray seating - and tons of leg room in the back. There was a brass foot rest bar. The wind up windows worked fine - you twisted them just like a faucet.

The car started right up. It did not blow any blue smoke out the tail pipe. The three speed on the floor shifted smoothly. The wire wheels were really made of wire.

Notice the dual spare tires.

After one oooogah blast of the horn - he was gone.

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