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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Today Was "Pouring Day" at the Southwood ICF House

This is the architect - she is showing you one of the ICF forms.

This morning at 11 AM was the big pour. I have been closely following the construct of this ICF - Insulated Concrete Form - House being built on the lake at Southwood. 

When completed - the house will look like any normal house - hardiboard siding outside - drywall inside. The secret is in the sauce. The walls will be one foot thick - 4 inches insulation - 4 inches concrete - 4 inches insulation. 

The big pour was anti-climatic for me. You could tell it was a very big day for the owner - builder - architect - crew.

Simply - a concrete truck came with its spinning load. A large rubber hose carried the concrete to the forms. A crew of men was putting the concrete into the molds - while others were making sure there were no leaks - or walls bowing out. With the exception of a little water coming out of the cracks - and a guy using a vibrator to shake out the bubbles - it was a pretty mundane process. All the important work was done - setting up the forms - making sure everything was a square and plumb.

I got to meet the owner - a computer programmer. We had so much to share on our research. The president of the company and the architect - both young ladies - were there to oversee the operation. 

These guys were handling the concrete hose.

On right - the new owner of the Southwood Lake home.

A little bit of water oozed out of the window sill.

This fella was using a vibrator to work out the air bubbles.

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