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Monday, April 29, 2013

South Ward Fire Company - Tamaqua PA - Now Part of LCCC

Photo of old South Ward Fire Company by Don Serfass

In the 1950s - 1960s - 1970s - my dad spent a lot of time here. This building used to be the South Ward Fire Company. On the left side was a social hall - on the right side was a bar. In the basement was the garage for the two trucks.

The bar ran the length of the whole right side (east side). There was a phone at the end of the bar that was constantly ringing - a social network of all the members. My Dad spent hours there with his friends - supposedly just drinking the 6 ounce bottles of Coca Cola.

Pop was the chief engineer for several years. He enjoyed driving the "Buffalo" down Hunter Street - "balls to the wall" - mufflerlessly echoing of the old Courier building. I wonder if anyone used mufflerlessly before in a sentence.

This view is facing north - our house was about 1/2 mile behind it.

Many men in Tamaqua used that "hose house" as a poor man's mancave. Whenever I needed a cash fix -  one press of the door bell would buzz me in - and Pop was always good for some loose change - in front of his buddies.

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