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Monday, April 08, 2013

Meet The Motorheads - They Met Today At Tomahawk

The Motorheads are four old guys that meet to talk about their cars and other toys. They are JP - Josh - Harry - Mark.

Today the conversation was all over the place. JP talked about a Rolls Royce he bought in parts for $1000. Josh discussed his new Ford F150 Truck and the Yanmar tractor his son bought. I was way off topic with ICF home construction. If you wanted to meet a guy that spent $4500 to paint his high performance Mustang - Mark is your man. Like most Ford - you can paint it any color - as long as it is black. I included the price to show Lulu that the $470 I paid Maaco to paint our van was not a lot of money.

This is not JP's Rolls - but this one was in the Springtime Parade this weekend and I got a quick snapshot to show JP how one looks. 

JP pulled up in this 1963 MG Midget. He was all dressed up because he was attending a real estate closing. JP is a commercial appraiser.

Tomahawk has a gigantic menu of burgers and sandwiches. It was pretty quiet there today - the food was good. All 3 of the other guys played it safe with a bacon burger. I ordered a Big Elvis. It contained peanut butter - bananas - cheddar cheese - and bacon. I thought it would be easy to eat - until it came. They threw in two giant hamburger patties - yikes. There must have been 1000 calories in there. Tomahawk is close to campus on Tennessee Street.

JP and family are going to visit us in London this July. He is a British car nut - and we hope to tour a few factories and museums together.

JP is an appraiser - Josh is a psychologist - Mark is a newspaper editor - and Harry is a retired science teacher. 

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