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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Going to Greece via Amsterdam in May

In the center of Athens - is the plateau called the Acropolis. Around 450 BC - the Parthenon was built there along with several other religious and government buildings. Son Drew and his family visited there last year. 

That is Lulu's Dodge 600 in front of the Parthenon. How did she get it there? Simply - when I bought Lulu's car on Craigslist up in Illinois - I drove it 1000 miles home. On the way I stopped in Nashville. The city has build an actual size replica of the famous Greek building. I stopped just enough time for this photo.

The Parthenon is not in great shape. It was used as a temple and at one time it was a powder magazine -  a place to store gunpowder. The Turks at blew it up during a battle. Now they are trying to restore it - picking up the pieces that fell over the edge of the plateau. Also - many of the famous sculptures can be found in the British Museum. Lord Elgin brought them home after he "bought" them in Athens in order to "protect" them. Now the government of Greece wants them back. The stones are called The Elgin Marbles.

Lulu just booked our flight to Athens. She has a conference there. I will go along to carry her bags. We will be on the road from May 16th to May 24th. The trip will include a stopover in Amsterdam. Her trip way be paid for - I must buy my own plane ticket.

While trying to book flights - with a stopover in Amsterdam - prices were coming up at $3000 per ticket. Then Lulu called Delta's Gold Card operator. With the blink of an eye - they found flights at $1600 a person - still a king's ransom - but almost half price.

We have never been to Greece. Ever since I studied ancient history in 7th grade - I wanted to see the Parthenon. To me - it is the most beautiful building in the world. It is very simple - but elegant. It has mirror symmetry from all sides. The porches are all under one roof. The mathematical ratios - of the sides - front - back - height of the columns - are perfect to me.

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