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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Four Days With Two Of Our Best Friends - Carl And MaryLou Zimmerman

Carl Zimmerman is my cousin - we share a grandmother. When we were in school - Carl was much older than me - but now that we are both old - we are almost the same age. We are both retired 10 years. The original Lulu - MaryLou Zimmerman was one of my Lulu's best friends back in Pennsylvania. They met when they started up a play group for the kids - and have been together ever since. All of the kids got masters and/or doctors degrees - one was a Fulbright Scholar.

Marylou was a nurse and nurse administrator. She retired recently. They have two houses - one in Pennsylvania and one in Florida. The one in Pennsylvania is there to house their monstrous collection of stuff - the one in Florida is used to be near the grandkids - they have 3. 

When we moved to Tallahassee in 2004 - they were our first visitors. Now they returned 9 years later to see what we have done with our home. We love spending time with them - and the 4 days went roaring by so fast. 

Their daughter Krista was a varsity swimmer - so the FSU swim complex was a must stop. One of the swimmers gave MaryLou an FSU swim cap.

Bobby Bowden is showing them which way to Harry's Restaurant. We had supper there last night. 

Carl was steering a stern wheel boat in the Florida History Museum. Carl is an engineer by trade - he really drives trains.

This picture was one of Carl's favorites - called Watermelon Dreams

Here they pose in front of a Model T Camper - famous as the tin can camper.

We had sausage sandwiches at Bradley's Country Store north of town. Behind the store is a cattle trough where they butcher the critters - and smoke the meat.

The country store is a time warp back to 1900.

Carl and I bought licorice pipes. 

They examined the gold and silver recovered from old Spanish galleons in the Florida History Museum

Lulu's Dad worked for Tasty Kake for 35 years. Flowers Foods bought the company and now sell the cakes at an outlet 2 miles south of our house.

For some reason the manager did not want us to take pictures in the store. I promised him I would not take a picture - but that was after I took this one. There were some great buys including 4 chocolate juniors for 99 cents. I bought some but too bad they have so many calories.

Lulu always warned that she would introduce tow of her best friends to each other because they had so much in common. Marylou and Joan were both nurses - they both loved yard sales - and they are both very funny. they pose in front of Joan's beautiful home.

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