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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Skip Over TV Commercials with DirecTV


We have had Directv and their DVR for 14 years. It is a great service for recording shows and watching them later. Dish TV has come out with something that automatically skips over commercials - the hopper - it is almost worth switching over for. Big TV is fighting it in court - but for now - this DVR really cuts out commercials on playback. While researching satellite TV and DVR's - I found out about a neat feature I do have. My DVR has a manual commercial skip - you press the button and it zips thru 30 seconds in 6 seconds. But it still takes 6 seconds per 30 seconds for about 36 seconds for a 3 minute commercial break. With this hack - you can go thru 3 minutes of commercials instantly. Directions - 1 - go to search for programs - 2- type in "30SKIP" - select it - 3 - nothing will happen that is okay - 4 - now when you play a recording and press the skip button it will instantly go thru 30 seconds. Press the button 6 times and it instantly goes thru 3 minutes of commercials. Please - no comments about how commercials are important to sponsors. They always blast their commercials at 10x the volume. I do not want to see or LISTEN to their sales pitches. Let them find a work around around me for a change.

Lulu and I are a couple of eggheads that are not shamed to say we watch a lot of TV. Most of the time we record stuff - then watch it at night skipping over commercials. I tend to like history channels - Lulu likes home makeover channels. We both watch lots of FSU sports. I watch way too much CNN. Believe it or not - our TV's are seldom on from 9 AM to 5 PM.

When I was a kid - I was always amazed that President Lyndon Johnson has three TV's in his office - always tuned into ABC- CBS - NBC. Now I have 4 flat screens - not all in one room,.

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