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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

FSU Girls To Play Princeton in NCAA Playoffs at Waco TX

FSU was selected to play Princeton in Waco TX - then if they win - they play National Champion Baylor in the second game.

Last night I attended the NCAA selection party for the girls basketball team at the President's Box in Doak Campbell Stadium. Between 300 and 400 fans enjoyed having a light supper and cake with the team as they waited for their name to be called on ESPN. 
Alexia DeLuzio is our favorite player. In the 5 years she played at FSU - we never saw that beautiful smile -  she usually has such an intense game face on. In her freshman year - she blew out her knee - and sat out the season on the bench with a big bandage and crutches. 
FSU will be playing Princeton in the first round at Waco TX. If they win that game - their second game will be against national champion Baylor University featuring four time All-American and Player of the Year - Brittney Griner. Coach Sue Semrau commented that she felt like David going up against Goliath  with the basketball as her rock. I look at it this way - they would have to play Baylor once to win the national championship - I hope they are lucky enough to get to play them second. First - they have to beat a very good Princeton team. 

This has been a special team for Lulu and I. Some of the players have been entertaining us for 5 years. Since fans are allowed to sit in any seat they want - we have been up close - sitting near the player's bench. FSU offers grayheads season tickets for $2 game! Imagine that - seeing Division 1 college athletes up close for such a bargain. We have seen FSU play Duke - Maryland - North Carolina - Connecticut - Notre Dame - for one measly Thomas Jefferson. 

Lulu could not make it to the party - she teaches a class on Monday evening. Our neighbors and best Florida friends - George and Joel - were there. George and I were lined up like school boys getting a chance to talk to Alexis DeLuzio. She comes from a large family of 7 - they live in Orlando. If that wasn't large enough - they took in another family of kids. One of those kids - her sister - played for Duke University and is now playing professional ball. 

Florida State does things right for their women athletes. We are  big fans of the basketball - volleyball - softball - beach volleyball - and soccer teams. Most of the admissions are free and the girls really appreciate the fans. They are students first athletes second.

This is a view from the President's Box at Doak Campbell Stadium. This is where the NCAA selection party was held. Lulu and I get invited to see a football game from there about once a year.
After the NCAA selection everyone got a piece of cake. We also had sandwiches and light drinks - free.
Joel Dawson attends most of the games and will miss Lexi. 

I included this picture because I was smiling on the first one - but on this one  Lexi had her hand on our shoulders.  Lexi is about half as wide as me. She said she hopes she can play a few years of professional ball. She already has her degree in Family Science. George has his degree in Science Education. My degree is in Earth and Space Science. Lulu has 3 degrees in Library Science. We were all fellow scientists today.
Cassidy Clayton - Leonore Rodriguez (from Canary Islands) - Coach Sue Semrau - Morgan Coles - Alexis DeLuzio . Notice the age of the fans - a much older crowd - I guess it is because of the bargain tickets - also near sighted people can sit in the front row. 
The team posed and posed and posed - everyone got a favorite shot. I was surprised how trim (skinny) they were. Also - they are very pretty when they smile which certainly would not have been kosher when starting down Duke or beating North Carolina. 

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