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Monday, March 11, 2013

Caterham Show Room Closed Down

In this video you see the last Caterham being driven out of the old factory and showroom in downtown Caterham.

I immediately fell in love with the older Caterham. It had the sloping fenders - about 20000 miles on the odometer - and a price tag of about $14000. 

For almost 50 years - the Caterham (Lotus Super 7) sports car was built and sold in this old brick building attached to the train station in Caterham - south of London. Last summer I visited the place thinking that it would go on forever. Little did I realize that I was in a time warp and time was marching on around me. 

In February 2013 - they moved out of the old quarters and into a new showroom. I was looking forward to taking my friend JP Brown to see this old complex when he comes to visit us this summer. I have not even taken the time to find out where the new complex is located. 

The Caterham is a fine hand made sports car that weighs only about 1000 pounds. You can buy it with engines that produce anywhere from 120 HP to 280 HP. It may be the fastest production car through the cones. 

See my tour here - 

Harry's Visit to Caterham Showroom

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