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Sunday, March 17, 2013

American Pickers Made It to Lansford PA

Frank Fritz of American Pickers and two of my former students.

Lulu and I watch way too much television. Usually eggheads like to hide their TV in a box - and pretend they only watch PBS when you find it. Hopefully the crooks do not read this - but we have 4 flat screens in the house. 

It is great when you finally find a few programs that the family can share together. American Pickers and Pawn Stars are two favorites. 

In American Pickers - two fellas drive all over the USA in a Mercedes van - going through peoples' junk. It is amazing how many hoarders there are in America - and these guys can fill an hour buying junk to be sold later at a profit. 

Pawn Stars is a real live pawn shop in Las Vegas. The whole show is people walking in and trying to sell strange and interesting stuff. The sellers are paid cash right on the spot. 

One of the stars of American Picker is Frank Fritz. He was spotted in Lansford last week looking for booty. I stole this picture off Facebook. 

A reader added- 

Coaldale, too. Franz' Garage in Lansford and an old school building in Coaldale by the Viennese Villa.

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