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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Wednesday Afternoon Stroll in the French Quarter of New Orleans

New Orleans is one romantic city. There are lots of shops selling Cajun souvenirs. Add to that tons of great places it eat and drink. There are more people than I expected here for the end of March. The place is level and the pace is slower so it is a good place for riding bikes. 

The Crescent City is dripping with history. It has been under the flags of France - England - Spain - the USA - and the confederacy. Just a few miles south and west of town - Jean Lafitte flew the flag of a pirate and ran his own country for years. He was wanted in the USA - but whenever he walked the streets of New Orleans he was treated like a prince - sort of an early mafia godfather. Jackson and Lafitte are having a contest down here to see who can spread their name around the most.

Jackson Square is sunny and breezy - note St Louis Cathedral in the background.

The old New Orleans Mint has been converted to a free museum. They also have a jazz museum there with a preforming arts theatre. In the museum is one of Louie Armstrong's trumpets. 

One of my favorite spots in the world is Cafe Du Monde in the French Quarter along the river. They sell one thing - Beignets - French square doughnuts without holes - piled high with powdered sugar. You get 3 for $2.30. What a bargain. Lulu and I broke our diet and each had 3. The lace was packed in the middle of the day - you had to wait for a table and lunge at it. 

In the old New Orleans Mint is a performing arts theatre. They have daily free jazz presentations there. This is Lulu in the theatre.

It is a beautiful clear week in New Orleans - sunny - breezy - 60s - but it feels cold in the shade with the wind. This stern wheeler - the Creole Queen - takes you on a 2 hour cruise for $20. 

We are driving home Friday. We plan to visit my students Jeanie and Earl Eidem in Crestview - Florida. It is 4 hours from here to there. We will spend a couple hours there - and then drive the last 2 hours home. 

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