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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Saturday on Castaway Key - Our Own Movie Set Deserted Island

After a busy Friday at Nassau - Saturday was a wonderful change. The Disney Dream pulled into port at Castaway Key around 8 AM.While we had breakfast on the top deck - the crew was readying for our grand excursion. In the 1950s - Castaway Key was a fishing kingdom - it even had its own airstrip. With the cruise ships multiplying - Disney needed places to visit - where they could control the action. They were able to control everything - even the weather. The island is north of Paradise Island - the weather is superb - 80s and lots of sunshine all year around. 

Castaway Key has snorkeling beaches - family beaches - teen beaches - and "Serenity Beaches" for grayheads. Some folks are just content to lie in a hammock all day.

Lulu got a waterproof camera for Christmas. It looks like it works very well -but you must remember to charge the battery. By the time we worked our way out to the busy reef - the camera died. This is Harry in his snorkel vest which at first he thought was silly - but was clinging to for his life after an hour in 10 feet deep water.

The farther away from shore you got - the number of fish and size of fish increased.

Harry's camera was safer away from the water.

Lulu got the hang of her waterproof camera quickly.

A good book on the ipad - a big umbrella - and the Bahama breezes kept Harry on the beach longer than usual.

...also just 100 feet from Harry's umbrella was anything to eat or drink possible.

Castaway Key still has a long runway they use as a road for the trams that haul people from ship or the beaches.

They call it the Aqua Duck - a flume ride that snakes aorund the top deck for about 1000 feet.

While everyone was on the beach we sneaked back for a room service lunch and a chance to see the FSU basketball game. Alas - ESPN was carrying the Michigan/Wisconsin game. No big deal - FSU got pounded.

The Disney Dream visited the Castaway Key every week. The island is like a movie set where Disney controls everything.

The difference between a ship and a boat - you can carry boats on ships.

Give Lulu a beach - any beach - it brings smiles. This was the snorkeling beach.

The family beach at Castaway Key has tons of chairs and umbrellas - 3000 people enjoyed the day here.

The Skyline lounge features screen that show famous city skylines. With a few drinks - it does not take much imagination. A flash lit up our faces -

Without a flash - our caprihana's lit up the room. That is Hong Kong in the background. A few minutes later - we were in New York City - Rio - Chicago - Paris - all cities we have visited.

Every night after dinner we walked the track on deck 4 - right by the Titannic chairs.

We dressed for dinner and a Disney show every night.

Harry and Lulu - Lady and the Tramp

Coming in from a day on the beach - Snow White greeted Lulu.

4:45 PM - just got home from the long drive north from Cape Canaveral. The Prius is an excellent highway car. We got 52 MPG on the way home on state highways - 45 MPG on the way down on Thursday on Interstates. We left the boat at 8 AM and stopped to see John and Bonnie in Daytona Beach.

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