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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Harry Is 65 Today - Like Pouring Gasoline on a Fire

Harry's New Gas Can

Lulu asked what I wanted for my 65th birthday. I told her I wanted a gas can that had a pump on it. So - it is now 7 PM on Feb 6th - UPS just made the delivery from Amazon. Why a gas can? 

I have a riding mower - an edger - a weedwacker - a pressure washer - a leaf blower - a yard vacuum. They are all 4 cycle and run on gasoline only. It is just a pain filling up my tools - and I am tired of running to the gas station to fill up the cans - then coming home and spilling it all over the place. I am expecting my neighbor any day to turn me in to the EPA. 

This one pumps the gas and it is easy to start and stop it - so no more overflowing. It also holds 14 gallons - which will last a few months. It is made of very heavy plastic and carries the UL approval tag. 

I just received my Medicare card - that will be a big change. Even though I retired exactly 10 years ago today - my former employer provided Blue Cross medical insurance for me. I had a small co-pay for drugs. I did not realize that it was like getting a $10000 a year tax free perk. Today - Medicare covers some of my health care - but I was surprised to find out that I have to pay over $200 a month just for supplements. 

Here's the kicker. Lulu is still covered by my former employer until she is 65 - that is like 25 years from now. Who said there are no perks to marrying an old guy?

Tomorrow we depart on a Disney cruise from Cape Canaveral - some things never change. Thanks to everyone that wished me a happy grayhead birthday.

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