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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Guess Who Is Flying To London This Summer - FIRST CLASS - For Free - Except Taxes

I am flying to London on British Airways.
This is the 6th summer we are going to London. Lulu teaches a course there for FSU at the London Study Centre. I go along to carry her bags and do the laundry. FSU pays for her expenses - I must pay for my own flight. It has been worth it to enjoy a month in London as a resident - especially last year for the Olympics. It was great having a place so our whole family could come to visit.

This year - we will be in London from July 6th to the 29th. We got the same apartment that we had for the last few years - 12A Bedford Place - you can see it on Google maps.

Usually I buy the cheapest ticket I can find - Lulu has to fly coach because FSU pays for it. But because  she is a Gold Medallion with Delta - last year they upgraded her to first class for free. If there is an empty first class seat - they usually let Lulu have it because she flies so much. To be a Gold Medallion you must fly 50,000 miles a year.

Due to some strange quirk - this year the tables have turned. Lulu and I are flying at the same time - but Lulu is flying coach on Delta and I am flying First Class with American Airline/British Airways. Since you all know how tight I am - you know I am not going to pay for it. As you can see here - a refundable first class ticket can cost $19,000!
First class tickets cost from $4300 to $19500.
Yes - I am going first class - but you know I am not paying that much. I will have to pay the taxes and fees - and they can be steep flying into London. My cost for a round trip first class flight going from Tallahassee to Miami to Boston and finally to London will be $1100. 

It all started 3 years ago when my son called me and told me to quickly sign up for this special credit card. It was free and you got 75,000 frequent flyer miles free. Lulu and I signed up for 4 of them so we got 300,000 FF miles. I thought it was too good to be true. But this is the 5th free flight I have gotten using these miles. I have flown to Brazil - Hawaii - Australia/New Zealand - London using these FF miles before. Now when we looked up a flight for me - this first class flight to London popped up. It will cost 100,000 miles plus $1100 in taxes and fees. 

Next I looked up a coach flight for me without FF miles and it was $1500. So I had a choice - a coach flight for $1500 or a first class ticket for $1100 - you know what I chose. First class includes a bed and a booth. It includes fancy meals on the plane - meals before the plane at the airport and a shower at the airport after the flight. You also get use of the VIP lounge between flights for free food and wifi.

The whole trip takes much longer but the leg between Boston and London is 7 hours. I will spend it in my own bed - in my own booth - with my own TV. 

British Airways First Class to London
In the photo you see the booth with its bed down and the wall up. The bed is supposed to be big enough for a 6-5 man to be able to lay flat. It also has a TV and 110 volt outlets for your computer - phone - and other devices.
Just like sleeping berths in the trains.
In the day time you can chose privacy. I have never had this pleasure before. Last year Lulu had it - and I rode about 50 feet behind her in steerage. You know what they say - payback it a b----. It will be a total of 6 first class legs in all for the round trip. These are the kind of adventures you get when you have a 16 year old bride. I was so excited I bought the insurance.
American Airlines is partners with British Airways.

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