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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Destin Beach For 3 Days

Our Residence Inn at Destin

Destin is on a barrier island on the Gulf of Mexico

Destin has the whitest sand and blue/green water

Lulu has to visit several schools over here along the Panhandle - so today we drove the Prius over to Destin. Lulu drove most of the way - very little traffic - the Prius must have been very happy because it was delivering 60 miles per gallon. Our eyes could hardly believe the digital readout. 

After  a little over 2 hours - we pulled into the parking lot at our Residence Inn. They give you a little apartment that is pretty plain - you get a nice breakfast - free wifi - and today they are having an evening supper. 

There is a nice upscale shopping center in this complex and we had lunch at PF Chang's. After that we walked on the beach. Destin Beach has the whitest sand you could imagine. When you walk on it - it feels and looks like snow. Your feet leave very distinct prints and the sand squeaks like you are hurting it. We came across a beach campground where your camper wheels literally sit in the sand. 

The temperature is 57 degrees - there were some people in bikinis braving the surf.  As I get older my motto is if the water is below 80 you drink it - above 80 you swim in it. We have become spoiled living in Florida. The beaches are nice near Tallahassee - but nothing compares to this white sand and light blue water. It reminds me of the Bahama beaches from our cruise last week.

Lulu just loves lying on the beach - but her second favorite thing is shopping the outlet mall here. It is an outdoor mall and Lulu is convinced that the variety and the prices are fantastic. 

We brought along our folding bikes - my flu crested yesterday - so we are hoping to do a little bike riding while over here. There are several nice bike paths and everything is level.

There is a Roadtrek motorhome over here I wanted to see - but I am guessing I will pass it up. They wanted $13000 for it and accepted my offer of $8000. Then they called back to say they wanted $9500. With gasoline at $4.00 a gallon - motorhomes are not selling well. Roadtreks sometimes get 20 MPG - with my luck I would get a dud.

I am looking forward to our 4 days here - enjoying some planning time while Lulu works. 

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