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Saturday, February 16, 2013

3 Days Later Our New Roof Is Complete

The garage roof is relatively flat. 5 nails went into every shingle strip.

Since our old roof was 22 years old - we figured we could not sell the house without putting on a new one. Dave Parker Roofing gave us the best deal. It took 3 days but now it is done. 

The new shingles were delivered by a truck with a conveyor belt. Each pack had to be loaded by hand at the bottom and taken off by hand at the top.

It is a labor intensive job. All the old shingles - nails - and tar paper must be removed by hand. Then the plywood sheeting is inspected. Several sheets had to be repaired because of rot. Next a plastic membrane is placed over the plywood. Then all the metal flashing is replaced. Finally new shingles are installed with 5 nails per each shingle strip. Last but not least - all the debris must be hauled away to the dump and the ground magnetically scanned for nails.

We were lucky to get 3 rain free cool days for the project.

The workman have come and gone. No one has shown up yet to collect any money from us. This company is very trusting. 

I guess the house is good for another 20 years - we plan on selling right away and build a new house on the lot we have down the street 5 doors.

Final Cost was $8200. That price included replacing 10 - 4 x 8 plywood roof panels.

The delivery truck unload via a conveyor belt. The delivery crew put down boards to prevent damaging the driveway.

All of the old roofing is hauled away in a trailer. The trailer ended up being filled to overflowing.

The shingles are called rustic black anthracite. They are architectural pattern to look random. We chose black to hide any future tree stains.

The back roof pitches steeply toward the pool. All roof vents were replaced with squirrel proof ones.

Many of the plywood panels had to replace with new wood. The one replaced wood damaged by a leaky porch vent.

Most of the flashing is a dull black color to blend in with the shingles. The previous stuff was galvanized metal color. Note the 3 new black vents.

This hidden roof vent replaces a gaudy old metal one.

Note the black trim - also all of those lower plywood panels had to be replaced. Damage was the worst where tree droppings laid on the roof.

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