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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Seminoles Lost A Close One to Carolina

North Carolina is not the usual powerhouse having started the ACC season 0-2. Four of their starters were picked in the NBA draft first round. Six Seminole seniors graduated last year. The Mob actually favored the Noles by 4 today. We were ready for a smack down.

If the Seminoles win this one - they would be in first place in the ACC at 3-0. The Noles beat Carolina 2 times last year hoping to run that string to a record.

It was a beautiful day in Tallahassee - it reached 80 and we went to the game in shorts and on the Vespa. We didn't have tickets - FSU announced it sold out. They upped the usual $16 price to $50. A lot of people must have been out enjoying the weather instead - because there were plenty of empty seats in the Civic Center.

Outside - lots of people were selling extra tickets. I held up 2 fingers in plain sight of a cop - he ignored me. I bought a pair of tickets 13 rows behind the FSU bench for $20 each. In my absent mindedness - I peeled off four 20's and handed them to the guy. I whistled to Lulu to prevent her from buying any. As we approached the turnstile I realized I gave the guy too much. I saw him behind us and asked him to check his pocket. Sure enough there were four 20's and he gave me two back.

We were inside 12 minutes before tip off. The place was much more crowded than usual - but clearly half the seats were empty. Tallahassee people show up late. People were flowing in well after tipoff. After about one quarter - everyone was in. I could still count maybe 2000 empties.

The game went back and forth by a point or 3. In the last 2 minutes - the Tar Heels pulled ahead and stayed ahead. It was a bit of a let down for the fans. In the last few minuted with the score within 2 points - the same folks that arrived late - left early. I wonder what they have that is so important. Is the Banana Republic running out of khakis?

After the gun - we walked out to our scooter - there was very little traffic - and we were home in 10 minutes with the rest of the day to ourselves. After a long walk at Southwood and a quick burger at McDonalds - we were home and in for the night at 7.  I went to my office to write this - Lulu went to the TV to watch the replay.

Duke lost - FSU lost - St Johns lost - the only Everhart win was the Hoyas. Keith and Liz went to Manhattan to see that game. Georgetown pounded St.John's in the Garden. Drew's Dukies were 15-0 before today. NCSU showed them to the door.

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