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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

FSU Indoor Football Practice Field Progressing

The practice arena is north and west of Doak Campbell Stadium. In the distant center is Dick Houser baseball stadium - it is designed to look like the Baltimore Orioles field.

Jimbo Fisher has been pushing the boosters to buy him a place to practice inside. In August it rains in Tallahassee a lot. But rain is not the big problem - it is a time for lots of lightning. Many practices must be called off or shortened due to lightning. 

I think I have the numbers right - it is costing $15 million - one booster gave $5 million to kick it off. 

The new indoor floor looks to be big enough for a full 120 yard field. It also appears high enough for even the longest passes - but not tall enough for punts. 

I have no idea what they are going to cover the outside with - but it looks like a big metal pole building now. I am sure it exceeds the Florida Hurricane Construction Laws - being able to withstand 150 MPH winds. 

According to the coach - it is supposed to be ready for practice August 1st. For years - FSU players have been complaining about the August humidity and sun. At least now they will be able to practice in air conditioned shade. I am sure that will be a plus when recruiting 5 star athletes. 

If it is 10 yard between each of the columns - there will be 140 yards under cover.

In the center of the ridge it looks like it is 30 yards high.

This i s looking south from the soccer field.

Last summer I constructed a metal pole building in my back yard. Mine if covered by thin garnet colored steel. It does not even have lights or water yet - let alone air conditioning. 

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