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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Santa Left Two Cameras At The Everhart House

Sony RX-100 - the Most Advanced Pocket Camera

I must have been a pretty good boy - because Santa left a remarkably large piece of coal in my stocking. It is a black Sony RX100 camera. It is supposed to be the most advanced compact camera on the market. It takes pictures that rival the much larger DSLR cameras. It has a large lens and an even more impressive one inch sensor inside. Add to that a giant rear screen and an endless amount of programming features - I am looking forward to highlighting this web page with many interesting and different effects.

Since America is now buying more phones with cameras in them than other cameras combined - many people are settling for lower quality pictures in the name on convenience. This camera bucks that trend. Of course I would love all the features of the $5000 cameras that photographers carry on the sidelines at sporting events - but unless I have something that can fits in my pocket - I seldom bother to carry it. 

Sony TX-20 - Waterproof

Lulu is pretty in pink right down to the shade of her new Sony TX-20 waterproof camera. This camera really is very tiny. She can take it anywhere - including 10 meters under the sea. We are going on a Disney cruise in February - the Disney Dream has a water slide that is supposed to be over 1000 feet long. It weaves all over the top deck with its glass construction giving you panoramic views of the ship and sea. This camera is just waiting to run a video from inside the tube.

Looking forward to sending a video home from inside the water slide on the Disney Dream ship

Sony TX-20 Wide Touchscreen

Another great feature of Lulu's camera is the gigantic screen on the back. Almost all the features are controlled by pressing the touchscreen.

Every summer Lulu teaches a course at the FSU campus in London. The course is mostly field trips taking advantage of the London sights in multi-media presentations. Both cameras will get a real workout over there.

Out with the old - in with the new. Look for the photos to improve in 2013 on this web page. Now quickly - off to Craigslist to sell the old cameras.

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