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Friday, November 02, 2012

We Just Spent An Evening With President Bill Clinton

On the way home from Disneyworld we heard that President Clinton was speaking on the FSU Campus at 8 PM. We got home at 7 - and went on line to check out the facts. Lucky for us the President was speaking at 9 PM - we had time for a shower and supper.

At about 8:30 we drove the Vespa scooter to campus. We parked where we usually park for a football game. The speech would take place right in front of the statue of Osceola. Thousands of students were assembled - Lulu and I laid down on our woolen blanket and waited. We did not have to wait long.

His voice was cracking but he spoke for 45 minutes.

Al Lawson - running for Congress - introduced Bill.

A crowd of thousands on Langford Green.

Doak Campbell Stadium - Chief Osceola on Renegade - and Bill Clinton - the first black president.

At exactly 9 PM - Al Lawson - a local candidate for US Congress introduced the main speaker. We stood up and were only about 30 yards from the podium.

Clinton gave a rousing 45 minute speech. The kids were orderly. 

Clinton explained all of President Obama's policies. The kids were most interested in the new student loan laws. The main point of that law is that to repay their loans - students would have to give a percentage of their pay checks for 20 years. If they earn a lot of money - their payments are higher.

He also reviewed the Affordable Health Care Act - explaining how many more students are covered by staying on their parents' policies longer. 
Saturday morning's newspaper.

The speech ended with a flurry - and poof - he was gone. The secret service SUV's were lined up behind the Osceola statue.

Lulu and I hopped on our scooter and were home by 10 PM.

And I am posting this story at 10:20 - it was a long day and I am tired.

We voted early - last Monday in Woodville - at the library.

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