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Monday, November 05, 2012

Monday Morning - Termite Day

Full perimeter with Premise.

Florida Pest Control services our house once a year.

One of the problems of living in Florida is termites. Up North I seldom heard of someone having their home treated for termites. In Florida - it is almost a requirement unless you feel lucky.

We bought our present house in 2004. We hired Florida Pest Control simply because the previous owner used them. Since this is a wooden siding home - we stayed with FPC because the house was under warranty with them. They did a full treatment then. Since then every year - they come by for an inspection and a partial touch up.

Today - they did a full perimeter treatment with Premise. The service man said that Premise is supposed to last 16 years - so they do a new full treatment every 8 years. So this is our second full treatment. Come to think of it - I could cancel the service because it is good for 16 years  :-)

It turns out that the warranty is only for $1000 coverage.

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