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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Coined a New Word - Pocket Clutter - An iPhone Wallet

Women get to carry a purse. They put all their goodies in there - everything from a comb - to private personal products to a lunch for in the movies. They have a nice little hiding place that is perfectly acceptable to society. Some women will even pay $1000 for a designer purse - as long as it matches their shoes.

For men it is different. In the old days it was wallet - keys - and a long pause. Then came the pocket camera - then the cellphone. As I got older it included a pair of reading glasses. Soon I was buying shorts with those gigantic jungle pockets.

As I get older - less is more. It is time to jettison extra cars - scooter - houses - tools. It is time to streamline - even lose a little weight.

I have 4 pockets - and usually it was wallet - phone - glasses - keys. The camera had to ride somewhere in tandem.

But things are changing. Yesterday I got this neat little iphone cover that has a slot in the back. I can carry my drivers license - American Express Card - and my bank ATM card. That's all I need - the wallet is history. This cover is made of rubbery plastic with a flat finish. All of the phone controls work - even the camera lens sticks out - and the sound speakers. 

I got it on for $1.40. Yes - that included shipping. Not only does it store my things - but it protects the phone. 

Now if only there was an App in my iphone for car keys. It certainly cuts down on "Pocket Clutter."

Added later - someone else beat me to it :-)

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