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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Automatic Pancake Maker - in the middle of a Busy Trip

We are at a hotel in Towson MD - just had a nice breakfast on the house. This is the first time I have seen an automatic scratch pancake maker. You press a button - and in one minute - a nice - hot - large pancake rolls off the assembly line. I am not sure how it works - but it has a great result.

We are at midstream on our 11 day trip. A review - Thursday we went to the FSU game in Blacksburg. Luckily FSU won which opens the way for a possible Orange Bowl game and a big paycheck.

Then we spent 4 days at Drew's new home near Richmond. We had fun playing with the kids - and exploring his new hometown.

Tuesday we drove to Wilmington DE to visit with my sister Judy. Then we drove to this Best Western Hotel in Towson MD. Lulu got it on priceline - a nice hotel - nice deal - breakfast - wifi.

The next 3 nights will be spent at the Hotel Palomar in Washington. It is close to Keith and Liz at Dupont Circle. Lulu will be busy at meetings - but at night Keith is cooking us dinner. I will explore the nation's capital.

Saturday - Drew - Keith - Lulu - and I will be going to the FSU at Maryland football game. It looks to be a one-sided affair - Maryland is using their 4th string quarterback. Maryland has gone downhill since they fired Ralph Friegen - because he was too fat - and the top booster sells Underall clothing. He did not want people seeing Ralph sporting his clothes - a real stupid move.

FSU is the number 1 defense in the country. Maryland is the last place offense team. Look for a blood bath. I am glad the game is at noon. The tickets will be cheap - and the temp will be near 55.

Sunday - Lulu and I fly back to Tallahassee from DC National - hoping for a bump.

All of that and an automatic pancake maker.

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