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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bobby Bowden and His Bentley Signing Books at the Mall Friday - and Sally

Bobby was signing books at the mall on Friday. I could have sworn this was my Coal Cracker friend - Sally Bair from Schuylkill County.

Bobby Bowden - 3 years about his "Forced Retirement" still does not attend FSU football game.

Do not even get me started about how rudely Florida State has treated this man. Tallahassee and FSU were unknown to the world until Bobby coached the football team to 32 straight winnings - 2 national championships - 19 bowl games - and 15 straight finishes in the Top 4 in the nation. A season with more than one loss was considered a down year. Yes Bobby is a millionaire - but he made billions of dollars for FSU. Rant over.

On Friday Bobby was at mall about 1 mile from our house signing his new book. There was a long line waiting for him to sign items. If you bought a book for $15 - he personalized it - along with another item you bought at the store.

There was a lady in line that looked like my friend Sally Bair from Schuylkill County. Sally loves college football especially Penn State. 4 years ago - she flew to Tallahassee to visit us - and to have Bobby Bowden sign a helmet for her. The Noles had just gotten pounded by the Gators - and Bobby had "another meeting" to attend. Sally got to see Bobby speak - then he left. Sally was disappointed. I eventually got Bobby to sign a helmet for her - but it was not the same.

I was sure this lady was Sally. I asked her if I could take a picture of her and Bobby. She was very gracious and posed. Bobby personalizes every item. You can see him writing away here.

Sally came to Tallahassee 4 years ago to see the Seminoles play and get Bobby to sign a helmet for her.

It poured on the day Sally came to town.

Right below the store where Bob was signing - was a VIP car parked in the garage. We pulled up next to it. It had to be Bobby's. He was always a sucker for fine cars. 20 years ago - we went to see Bobby at a radio call-in show. Lulu expected him to pull up in a pick-up truck - were surprised by a big Mercedes sedan. I would bet $100 that this Bentley was Bobby's.

In my world - this is Bobby's Bentley at the mall. It was right next to our Dodge.

The Bentley is brand new - it had temporary plates on it. Note Lulu in the background.

Note the garnet and gold hub with the letter "B" on it. Is the "B" for Bentley or Bowden?

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