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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

600 Miles Later - at 17 Years Old - Florida Van Gets First Taste of Snow

It is official - the Florida van is a snowbird - now living in Rural Retreat VA. Rural Retreat is on I-81 in the Appalachian Mountains. 

Jack and Tami made the 600 mile trip home in their new van. Jack said it performed flawlessly. They were greeted to the state by snow from Hurricane Sandy. Tami said - let's move to Florida.

With that tumor on its back - the van won't fit into the garage - so it will have to be happy to sit on the driveway.

I am looking forward to seeing what Jack does with it. 

When Jack saw our little Dodge van - he asked me to find him one. Our van is a 1994 Dodge. I found him a 1995 Dodge that is 2 feet longer - has a V8 engine - leathers seats - 3 AC units - and an electric bed. Our 1994 cost $1200 - the 1995 cost $2600. Both vans have a little over 100,000 miles on them. By the time I painted my van - put a new windshield in it - installed shocks - shower - toilet - platform - seat - I had about the same amount into mine.

At 15 MPG it would take 40 gallons to get home. The fiberglass tank holds 36. At $4.00 a gallon - it would cost $160.

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