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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Seminole Auto Glass - New Windshield for Our Van

 First Larry removed the old windshield

 Then he cleaned out the old adhesive

 Next new adhesive was installed

Then we placed the windshield in and replaced the trim.

Today - we finally completed title and registration work for the van. Due to a computer problem by South Carolina - it took 3 months to get everything done. So now we can use it legitimately. We have an official Florida title and license plate.

The windshield was a little cloudy and had a couple cracks in it. So at 1 PM today - I called Seminole Auto Glass. I asked for a price on a windshield for a 1994 Dodge Van. I expected to have to order it - then wait for it to be delivered. The  office manager said - they could pick up the glass and do it this afternoon. Within 2 hours - Larry Seymour (the owner) was at our house with the windshield. By 4 PM - the job was complete. I highly recommend the service.

Total cost was $240 with tax.

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