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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Tuesday August 7th - Last Day in London - Now They Know How Many Holes It Takes To Fill The Albert Hall.

 Across the street in the background is the Royal Albert Concert Hall.

On Sunday - Monday - and Tuesday - all our guests left London for home. Lulu and I were lonely and homesick so we just decided to tour the city by foot - bus - and subway - just the two of us.

We walked to Hyde Park where the Triathlon was going on. They also had giant screens set up so people could watch Olympic events if they did not have tickets. 

Then we went to see the Royal Albert Hall and the Prince Albert Memorial. Queen Victoria pined over Albert for 50 years after he died. 

Next we walked south to the Victoria and Albert Museum - an impressive collection of buildings similar to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington - no admission fee. Portions of the paintings - jewelry - and statuary reminded me of the Louvre in Paris. 

After all that walking - we had a dinner at home on leftovers from our frig. 

We were tempted to make one more try to get Olympic tickets - but watched the events from home instead. 

The next morning we had to leave the apartment at 8 AM - take the blue line subway to the airport - then we had a 9 hour flight to Atlanta. We ended up spending the night in Atlanta - and then flew into Tallahassee at 9 AM this morning.

We have been away from home for 40 days - almost 6 weeks. I will be posting a review with a picture form each day.

This is the Prince Albert Memorial in Hyde Park

 Lulu is dwarfed by the giant statue and hall.

In Hyde Park is the Princess Diana Memorial Pool. It is a granite circle with water flowing through it. Kids can play in it - some strip down to their underwear and wade in the water.

At the Victoria and Albert Museum you can see damage left over from the World War II Battle of Britain. I have my hand in a hole made by a big piece of shrapnel from a bomb. Brits will never repair these holes - they are badges of honor.

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