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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

ISAAC - Hurricane Skirted Tallahassee - New Orleans is Getting Pounded

Update Wednesday at 7 AM - we got a little bit of rain last night - the ground is dry now. It is still overcast - but there is no wind at all. I do not think we got anything near the 2 inches we expected. there are no branches or leaves in the front yard. The storms stayed right on the computer track. It is slowly passing over New Orleans as a Category 1 hurricane - 80 MPH winds.

Tallahassee is expected to get 2 inches of rain from hurricane - Isaac. This hurricane has been steadily moving its track west - right now at 2 PM - Monday - the bulls eye is squarely on New Orleans. Ironically - it is the anniversary of the Katrina hurricane disaster of 2005.

Tornadoes are possible for the Tallahassee Area.

The hurricane will supposedly be a Category 2 when it hits the land near New Orleans.

We don't mind the rain - but when you combine it with wind - lots of pine trees decide to fall because their roots are in wet ground.

The Republican Convention in Tampa has been postponed. It was supposed to starts today and it has been moved to Tuesday.

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