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Friday, August 10, 2012

Heathrow Airport - 9 Hours Home

Lulu met Mnazakan Iskandaryan. He won a gold medal in 1992 in Greco-Roman Wrestling. Note the Russian teammates behind him. I was surprised when she posed with him - he really liked it.

These frames are stupid - but we are a sucker for them.

We took the Piccadilly Line (blue line) directly from our apartment to Heathrow Airport. It took about one hour and made 15 stops. The train was packed for the first 3 stops - then it thinned out. We were able to get seats and ride sitting down the whole trip with our 6 bags stacked up. We took along a stroller for the kids and we used it to haul our big bags.

At the airport we had an hour to kill - and plenty of left over pounds to spend. Soon we were winging to Atlanta - the ride was smooth most of the way. Seats were full and they served two nice meals. 

Then we had one more flight from Atlanta to Tallahassee - our bags were booked right through. When we got to Tallahassee - the bags were already waiting for us. As we got off the plane - the warm/humid air of Tallahassee hit us - there was no mistaking where we were. Just like snowbirds fly to Florida in the winter - many folks leave Tallahassee for the cooler mountains up north in July and August.

Our friends Joel and George are camping in the Rockies. We have wan other neighbor that spends the whole summer in Miane. Before long we will all be together cheering for the Seminoles.

We are back to laundry - vacuuming - mowing the lawn - raking leaves - and soaking up the AC. Lulu's pool looks good - the pool guy did his job - the grass is cut - JC did his. It will take a few days for jet lag to go away - but we are home.

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