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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

BURLESQUE SHOW - Harry Burlesque Virgin Last Night

In order to become more well-rounded - Harry along with his escort Lulu - saw their first burlesque "art" show.

The Duchess Theatre is within walking distance of our apartment. Yesterday - while walking by - Lulu suggested that we get tickets. At the box office - tickets ranged from 20 pounds in the rafters to 60 pounds in the prime stalls. We were lucky to get the "producer's seats" according to the ticket seller for 40 pounds each. They were third row from the stage - exactly in the middle. 

The 8 PM show filled up quickly. The agent reminded us that there is no plot to follow. It is just comedy - dancing - singing - and "entertaining." To my surprise - I would say 90% of the crowd were women - mainly small groups of ladies out for a night of drinks and fun. It is not the kind of crowd I expected to watch a burlesque show.

The entire cast was 8 women between the ages of 25 and 29. They appeared in many states of dress and undress - imitating singers like Madonna and Lady Gaga. There were plenty of suggestive routines and dialog. The women at all times appeared in some sort of garments - even if they were only pasties and a g-string. There was no total nudity. 

I was surprised at what talented singers and dancers they were. They were all in excellent shape and coniditon - not an ounce of cellulite anywhere - not in any way bovine.

After 2 hours of getting the audience to participate in clapping - singing - dancing - just like that it was over. Lulu was a good sport - she seemed just as interested as I was. After the show - we walked home.

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