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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

DR KATY TRAN - Celebrates Her FSU Graduation Watching Her Sister Amy Play in the Olympics

Harry - Lulu - Katy Tran - Jarrad Turner - Susan Tran - Phap Tran. The picture was taken in our London backyard today - where we had the big party a few days ago. We were having so much fun celebrating - we forgot to take a picture.

About 3 years ago - our family was introduced to Katy Tran by our old Pennsylvania friend Sally Bair. Sally emailed that her friend had a very special daughter who was coming to Tallahassee to work on a PhD in Sports Psychology. Katy flew to town alone - and it seems like yesterday that she used our guest house as a base to get organized in town. Then when we got the brick house Katy stayed there.

Katy lived in Tallahassee to complete all of her coursework in 2 years. When she left to take a job in North Carolina - we were sad and worried that she would be another ABD (All But Dissertation) that had come and gone from Tallahassee - never to be seem again - no degree.

But Katy got a job that allowed her to do her research while she was working with the sports teams at Campbell University - the Camels. She returned to Tallahassee to defend her dissertation and complete the program in a near record 3 years.

As graduation neared - Katy's sister Amy was selected to the USA Field Hockey Team. Katy chose to see her sister play in London. Through some good luck - we were able to help Amy get an apartment at the FSU London Study Centre. She became our neighbor one more time.

Although the USA Field Hockey is out of the medal round - we were able to have a graduation party for Katy on Florida State soil. Katy's Mom Susan and Dad Phap came to the party along with her fiancee Jarrad Turner - also working at Campbell University in North Carolina.

Jarrad and Katy plan to marry in October.

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