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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

LITTLE BIG HORN - George and Joel Heading East

George and Joel reports - Aug 22 - 9 AM

We are slowly headed east as we left Glacier this past Sunday which is located in the NW corner of Montana.   We had stops in one of the cleanest city we have seen on this trip: Ft. Benton.  It has so much history that it was difficulty to leave but as we have committed to stops in Chicago and Cincinnati on certain dates we had to leave.

Tuesday night was spent in Great Falls where we continue to trace the path of Lewis and Clark.  One of the most difficult events of their trip was portaging around the five water falls extending over a 16 - 19 mile segment of the Missouri river.  How they got their boats and equipment out of the steep walled canyon and overland is difficult to imagine.  I used the range of miles of the rapids as we have seen the distance reported in a variety of sources within this range.  It is easy to measure the distance between the lowest and highest rapids but the overland route they took may we the cause of the confusion.

This morning we are in Harbin, MT where we spent the night in a campground.  It was 94 degrees when we started setting up our camp but since we are at about 4,000 feet on a rolling plain we knew the temperature would drop.  It did, but very quickly in the night when a wind storm marking a front came through.  We got up to secure stuff from blowing away.  There were only a few drops of rain adding to the few drops we had on the way out to Glacier.  I define few when we can count the individual drops in the dust on the car.

This morning we are going to the site of "Custer's last stand."  We are within a mile of the Crow reservation and the battle site is there.  It is a 12 mile drive in to the battlefield.

Tonight we should be at the eastern end of Montana or into western North Dakota.

Harry Note - George and Joel live 3 doors away from us. They are good friends - we share a lot of common interests - traveling certainly tops the list.

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