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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Saturday Matinee at London's Savoy Theatre - We Saw Sunshine Boys With Danny DeVito

Here is a blurry non-flash curtain call picture of The Sunshine Boys. Danny DeVito is in the striped pajamas. That is how close our $15 seats were.

We just got home from probably the best entertainment bargain in the city. We saw Danny DeVito in The Sunshine Boys from the front row for 10 pounds each ($15).

The Savoy Theatre on The Strand is connected to the beautiful Savoy Hotel - just around the corner from The Coal Hole. We showed up at the box office at 11 AM - and asked for "same day - restricted view seating." The agent said he had 2 in the front row for 10 pounds each. He said the stage was low - so the restriction was minimal. We took them.

We had  3 hours to kill - so we walked along the Thames River enjoying the typical Saturday tourist crowd. All of a sudden - several police cycles came down the street with lights flashing. We dashed into McDonalds for lunch and got seats in the front window. For the next hour or so - a Gay Rights Parade  passed by. Trafalgar Square was filled with thousands of paraders - with all sorts of colorful  banners - signs - and costumes. It just kept going forever. It was getting close to 2 PM - so we headed toward our theatre.

To our surprise - the theatre seats were marvelous - the end of the front row. There was no obstruction - you could see everything.

Danny DeVito was fantastic - he did most of the play in striped pajamas. He is so short! As I get older - I admire how dramatic actors can memorize all those lines - adding all of the wonderful facial expressions to match. Many times during the play  - we were less than 6 feet from the actors.

I did not have my good camera with me - just a cheap waterproof pocket camera. Usually Lulu admonishes me not to take picures. This time she said - "Aren't you going to take a picture?" So at the end I fumbled for my cheap camera and I attempted to get a "non-flash"picture for proof of the great seats we had.

DD has starred - produced - and directed in some many films. He starred in the TV series - Taxi - of years. He must be worth over $100 million. What drives a 68 year old man that has possibly everything that money could buy - to interrupt his life for 12 weeks to star in a London play? Whatever it is - it is inspiring. He is very professional - very good natured - and seems to be having a wonderful time. He is a giant.

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