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Friday, July 27, 2012

Romney Really Has Class in Foreign Relations

Just when we spent the last few weeks trying to convince the Brits that all Americans aren't fat and stupid - Romney comes over here and in a few short hours the locals are ready to have a nuclear duel with this the USA. Before the Olympics started - Romney criticized the Olympic Committee - saying they are not organized. He chided them for hiring a private company to run security (conservative idea) - then when they screwup -  the government (liberal idea) comes to the rescue with the troops. He claims that the British people do not want the Olympics here. Next thing he will be complaining about the food - and maybe even the theaters because the ticket prices are too low. Please get him out of this town already - the Brits have been so nice to us. At least Romney was able to do what the Olympic Committee was not - namely - unite everyone in a common goal of proving him wrong.

Romney goes from here to Poland then to Israel. One member of the press asked him, "Shouldn't you be back in the colonies working on your tax returns?"

Another bloke said Romney was not a Rhodes Scholar - to which Willard chuckled, "I'm a pretty good driver. I know a lot of race car owners."

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