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Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Opening Ceremony Was Nothing Like I Have Ever Seen - The Four Everhart "Beatles" Made A Reunion

It is 2 AM here in London. Opening Ceremony ended at 1 AM. It started at 7:30 - 5.5 hours - just better and better as it went on. Great music - great choreography - lighting like I never saw before - super fireworks. MacCartney ended it. Keith landed 4 seats together for the family. We went early. The grounds are pretty nice - lots of plantings - crowd control superb. 99% came by train or subway. Queen came by helicopter. The athletes marching in is very impressive. It took us 1 hour from our stadium seats to the sofa at home. We got on the first subway we saw - but we were really packed in. Our place is just 6 subway stops away. I have tons of pictures and stories to tell but I am burned out. They have the world's biggest MacDonalds there - and they were not gouging - prices were regular fare - menu extensive. The Brits really know how to handle crowds. Lots of volunteers working there.

Pictures and video tomorrow.

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