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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lulu and I Went to Our First Olympic Event - Beach Volleyball - Sans Tickets

 My two fingers work just as well in London as they do in Tallahassee. We got two tickets for 10 pounds each that had a face value of 40 pounds each. Buckingham Palace is behind my head. We saw a guy getting hauled away for selling bad tickets.

Beach Volleyball is played in the Horse Guards Parade Ground. It is surrounded on 3 sides by - The London Eye - Big Ben - and Buckingham Palace. It is a stunning setting. 10 Downing Street is on the left.

Lulu and I saw the Czech Republic play Spain. Next was Brazil playing Austria. The stands were about 80% full. As I get older and older - Lulu gets prettier and prettier.

I am always apprehensive on the way to an arena. Usually I do not have any tickets - and someone is depending on me to perform. 

Today at 9 AM we took the bus south from our apartment toward Big Ben. We got off and walked to the Beach Volleyball Venue. There were no tickets for sale at the box office. We saw a cop take a "Tout" away in hand cuffs. Supposedly he was selling counterfeit tickets. I asked the cop to make sure I could hold up two fingers. After about 20 minutes it looked grim. Everybody coming to the event only had the tickets for their own entrance. Most of the fans were puzzled why I was holding up two fingers. Just then I told Lulu - that a guy about 50 yards away was going to sell us tickets. Just like fishing - I felt I was reeling him in. I told Lulu to watch this - the guy offered two tickets. I told  him to keep them in his pocket. He want 30 pounds each - I said 20 pounds for two. I said I would pay him once we were inside.  The guy from Belgium understood the universal language of ticket barter. 

Inside - we had nice seats - the sun was out - and the setting had a beautiful backdrop of Big Ben and the London Eye.

The tickets allowed us to stay for 4 matches. There could be us to 3 games per match. Win 2 games and you move on - lose 2 and you go home. We saw Spain men win two games - then Brazil was playing - third was a women's match. Brazil barely beat Austria going to tiebreaker mode. Brazil is the favorite for the Gold. 

A nice feature was they had a dance team of about 10 bikini clad cheerleaders. Between the girls and the "dejay announcer" the crowd was hopping. Spain had a big collection of fans. 

We had to get back to the flat because Drew and Robin were coming home from taking the kids to Gymnastics. They were then going with Charlotte and Felipe to see basketball. We got home before them - and they hurried out to the train station to catch the bullet train to Olympic Park to see USA play France in basketball. Lulu is now putting the kids down for a nap - and I am catching up on the web page.

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