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Monday, July 16, 2012

Hotel Lobby in Durham

In Durham for the Miners' Gala - we stayed at the Premier Inn. We had a very nice small room -  modern furniture and motif. The restaurant in the background on the left - served a wonderful breakfast.

Honestly - with so many people in town - I was surprised Lulu got us a room - just 4 days in advance. 

The funniest part for me was the hotel lobby. You walked in the door - at the counter was a computer right next to a row of beer taps. You could order a room or a Guinness beer - or both at once. I was sitting on a couch and took this picture. The woman on the right is getting a room key - the woman on the left is ordering her second beer. The group on the left was one of the colliery bands. Their equipment was being loaded onto the bus directly behind me. They were going home - and the Miners' Gala Parade was still going on - it was that long.

I was astonished with how vibrant and area the Coal Regions of England are - 25 years after the mines were closed down by the government. They adapted on one hand - but respect the past with their annual miners' parade.

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